Floods will cost the economy of England in the $ 4.8 billion

In England, announced higher storm warning
Flooding in the UK has led to traffic jams
Britain will spend half a billion dollars to fight floods

British meteorologists on Wednesday declared a storm warning maximum “red” level to the west of England and Wales , reports BBC. Evening and night from Wednesday to Thursday wind gusts reached 160 km / h , increasing the problems associated with the continuing rains and floods .
In addition, continue to operate 16 warnings about the threat of flooding to thousands of homes . Currently flooded for more than 6 thousand houses .
British military described the situation ” almost do not have parallels disaster ,” writes Financial Times.
Damage to the transport infrastructure, power outages and flooding can further cost the UK economy £ 3 billion ( $ 4.8 billion). Earlier this week, Deloitte estimated the insurance sector losses from flooding in one billion pounds.
In the next few days in England expected loss of monthly normal precipitation .
British Geological Survey warned that in some regions of the country flood can hold a few months – will be added to the winter rains , spring floods .
The Ministry of Defense has allocated to participate in rescue operations 1.6 thousand soldiers , part of which has already been placed in the southern regions of the country.
British Prime Minister David Cameron warned that the floods, which in recent weeks, faced by the country , represent a serious threat and that the struggle with the consequences can take a long time. However, he promised that the government will not stop before any outlay to help those affected by the disaster , according to Euronews.

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U.S. authorities first introduced specific requirements in terms of liquidity to banks in the country .

  U.S. authorities first introduced specific requirements in terms of liquidity to banks in the country . As announced Federal Reserve / Federal / USA, performing the functions of a central bank , the largest banking houses with assets of over 250 billion dollars is now required to have ” safety cushion ” that is sufficient to proceed in the face of shocks to the market within 30 days. Banks with a capital of 50 billion to 250 billion dollars will be required to have a cover for 21 days work.
Before the vote , the results of which were introduced by the new rules , the chairman of Board of Governors of the U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said that the country ” for the first time introduced a quantitative liquidity requirements that will help create a more stable and secure financial system.” U.S. authorities believe that their new rules will be even more stringent than international standards .
These rules will be introduced gradually , starting in January 2015. Expected to complete this work in 2017 – again ahead of the deadlines set by the international community in Basel.
According to American observers of liquidity reserves at U.S. banks will be required to reach approximately $ 2 trillion . The Fed believes that it is up to that amount is not enough for about 200 billion dollars.
The new rules have yet to be approved by the other relevant federal agencies in the United States , including the State Corporation Deposit insurance . All these measures are taken in accordance with the new legislation adopted on the basis of the recent severe financial crisis , which originated in the U.S. and has spread from there throughout the world. In the fight against the crisis hundreds of U.S. banks have in the recent past, the government’s support. Now, some experts say that the industry is successful healing process , while others warn that bankers are again taken up the old and start to take risks unnecessarily .
Are considered liquid assets that you can always easily implemented in the market. In addition to the cash reserves we have in mind , in particular, U.S. government bonds .

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Named the world’s largest megacity

The population of the urban agglomeration of Tokyo is 37.2 million people, representing 29% of the population of the country’s population of the urban agglomeration of Tokyo is 37.2 million people, representing 29% of the population
American research organization Population Reference Bureau, dealing with the problems of the population, called Tokyo’s largest metropolis in the world
The population of the urban agglomeration of Tokyo is 37.2 million people, representing 29% of the population. In second place in the ranking is the capital of India – New Delhi. It resides 22.7 million people. On the third – the capital of Mexico – Mexico City with 20.5 million people, ITAR-TASS reported.
The top ten most populous cities in the world also includes New York, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Mumbai, Beijing, Dhaka and Kolkata.
All over the Earth, according to the same organization, home to 7.1 billion people. Asia’s population is 4.8 billion people, Africa – 1100000000, Europe – 760 million people. In North America, 352 million live, while in South America almost 2 times higher (606 million). The last thing people inhabit Australia and Oceania – 38 million
According to forecasts of Population Reference Bureau, by 2050 the world population will increase to 9.7 billion people, of which 2.4 billion will be living in Africa.

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30 economic impact of the Obama presidency

Barack Obama became president of the United States in the midst of the economic crisis of 2008. During the election campaign, the future president promised to restore the American economy. Fulfilled the promise he made , or worse?

If so, why the number of Americans receiving food stamps has increased by almost 50 % under his administration ? Why does the public debt rose by $ 6 trillion over the Obama presidency ?

Website The Economic Collapse Blog has prepared a list of 33 shocking consequences of Obama’s economic policies .

1. At the time Obama took office 60.6 % of the economically active population of the United States had a job , today fell to 58.7 %.

2 . Since Obama became president, 7 of 8 jobs that were created in the U.S. economy , had an incomplete schedule.

3 . The number of workers employed full-time in the U.S. is still almost 6 million less than in 2007 .

4 . Do not believe it, but 53% of American workers have an annual salary of less than $ 30K

5 . An American , a full-time the minimum wage , earned in 1968 more than a similar worker in the United States today.

6. The average duration of job search before Obama was 19.8 weeks , with Obama – 36.6 weeks.

7. In the first of the Obama presidency the number of Americans who do not want to look for work , jumped to 8,332,000 people.

8. According to the U.S. Census Bureau , the number of homes purchased by the middle class has fallen to historic lows .

9. In the early days of the Obama presidency , overdue mortgage loans stood at 7.85 %. Today the figure stands at 9.72 %.

10 . The trade deficit with China in 2008 amounted to $ 268 billion in 2012 – $ 315 billion

11. In the early days of the Obama administration’s 12.5 million Americans have been involved in the industry today – 11.9 million

12. Household income in the U.S. fell for the entire first term of the Obama presidency . Had fallen in that time more than $ 4 million

13. The poverty rate jumped to 16.1 %, which is greater than it was in 1965. Then Lyndon Johnson announced the creation of the “Great Society”, in which there will be no poverty .

14. The number of Americans receiving food stamps increased during the first presidential term of Obama by an average of 11 thousand per day.

15. On the day of Obama’s inauguration in 2009, about 32 million Americans received food stamps. Now there are more than 47 million

16. More than a million students in public schools in the U.S. now homeless . This is the first time in American history. Most interesting is that this figure has increased by 57 % compared to the 2006-2007 school year .

17. When Barack Obama took office , the average price for a gallon (about 4.55 liters ) of regular gasoline was $ 1.85. Today – $ 3.53 .

18. Electricity bills in the United States grew faster in the last five years than the general inflation rate over the same period.

19. The cost of health insurance in the United States rose since Obama became president, by 29%. Perhaps with his proposed reforms in this area (Obamacare) things get even worse.

20. U.S. falls in global competitiveness rankings , compiled by the World Economic Forum , the fourth consecutive year.

21. According to economist Tim Kane , a number of established companies in one thousand people reduced every president. Thus, when Bush Sr. was created on 1 of 11.3 million people , under Bill Clinton – 11.2 , under Bush the Younger – 10.8, and under Obama – 7.8 .

22. Total amount of educational loans , which students will have to pay for the year 2008 amounted to $ 440 billion at the moment the amount of student debt in the U.S. topped $ 1 trillion .

23. According to a recent survey 76 % of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

24. The number of Americans receiving benefits under the federal disability insurance, increased during the first presidential term, Obama is more than 18% .

25. The size of federal grants going directly to American citizens has increased since Obama became president, by 32 %.

26. According to the U.S. Census Bureau , more than 100 million Americans participate in at least one social program of the federal government.

27. American families are now receiving more money from the federal budget than they give to him in the form of taxes.

28. The velocity of money has slipped under Obama to the level of 1946.

29. When Obama was elected president , the public debt was equal to 70 % of U.S. GDP , now it is 107 % of GDP. The first 42 of the U.S. President , taken together, did not increase the amount of debt as much as it did the federal government in the first term of Obama.

30 . If we divide the national debt equally to all U.S. households , each will be approximately $ 50,521 .

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U.S. legalize illegal immigrants

Eleven million immigrants may obtain U.S. citizenship. Cross-party group of eight U.S. senators unveiled a plan for immigration reform. Green Card, and then citizenship can get all been in the country for illegal immigrants. This process can be speeded up for those who came to the U.S. as a child. With a plan to tighten border controls, says BFM.ru.

Such measures – the only way to stabilize the situation with illegal immigration, said in an interview with U.S. Representative from Illinois Luis Gutierrez CNN: “These people are already living in the States and, in the end, they become U.S. citizens. Another question is when and it happens. In my view, the sooner the better, and with the help of the authorities. then they can not just live in America, but all commitments and take responsibility for their actions, as citizens of the United States. ”

Agreement between Democrats and Republicans on reform – no. Conservative lawmakers call it “amnesty” for illegal immigrants and fear that the reform could trigger a new wave of illegal immigration.

This is not just the United States, and an effective mechanism to solve it yet, said the head of the Center of Comparative Political Studies Institute of Economics Boris Shmelev: “Immigration to the United States discussed a long time, it is quite serious problem for the country. All attempts to solve it by tightening border controls or expulsion of illegal immigrants from the country in general, and on the whole, a positive result was not given. problem of illegal immigration is acute not only for the U.S. – it’s a global problem. Nowadays effective mechanism to address this problem has not been found. Countries, due to the low rate population in need of labor. Another thing is that it is difficult to control, and enter it in any legal framework is very difficult. I think that in the U.S., for all their ability to tightly control the process probably will not succeed. ”

It is expected that tomorrow, President Barack Obama unveiled in Las Vegas, his plan for immigration reform, similar to the proposed cross-party group.

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The European Union is much easier life for migrant workers

New amendments to the labor legislation the EU will significantly ease the life of migrant workers.

The European Parliament proposed changes, according to which the qualifications and experience of the profession will be reflected in a special electronic card specialist, active throughout the EU.

In addition to the functions of standardization, this card will also serve as a protective and challenge. The new system will prevent employment or private practice on the continent of doctors and nurses who were denied a license in one European country, said, “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

The representative of the European Parliament Committee on the Internal Market Gediminas Vilkas said that now there is no such system and the doctor, nurse or vet is not so easy to check for criminal records or disciplinary action in any other European country. A new notification mechanism will update the information available during the day.

“It will be a mandatory procedure. For example, if you want to work as a doctor in Germany, you have to go to the local responsible organization with your request. Strikes there on a single system, all you have to order, and then confirm the qualification, and you can work in peace not engaging attend to all the formalities, “- he explained.

Also introduces new requirements to employees. In particular, the new rules require the employer examine foreign medical worker on the knowledge of the country.

As for the training of other professions, according to the new rules, if you have an e-card specialist, it will ensure the issuing state and automatically recognized by other EU countries.

This should dramatically reduce the number of bureaucratic bodies that are now necessary to bypass visitors employees.

“This mechanism would work as follows: the initiative must come from below – from the trade unions. Representatives of each profession have to decide whether they want to enter the card or not. A Member State, using all the latest technology, should give them that opportunity. Next, you will get consent, if I am not mistaken, the third of the member states of the European Union. But before all this becomes possible, the Commission should adopt new legislation and submit it to the national level. All this will not now – will take two to three years for the implementation of this initiative in European countries, so that these new rules will begin to function normally, “- said Gediminas Vilkas.

Today, the European Union is automatically recognized seven professions: physician, dentist, pharmacist, nurse, midwife, veterinarian and architect.


The U.S. steel industry “is forced” increase in steel prices

The largest U.S. steel producers, despite weak demand, are going to increase steel prices in the spot market by 8% in the near future in order to increase profits and revenues, writes The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Low prices of steel products have caused one of the reasons for the poor financial performance of the leading steel companies in three countries in the fourth quarter of last year, which they reported on Tuesday, January 29.

In particular, the largest U.S. steelmaking company in terms of production US Steel Corp. in the fourth quarter reduced its net loss by more than four times – to $ 50 million, or 35 cents per share. However, revenue also declined to $ 4.487 billion from $ 4.819 billion in the same period of 2011. Nucor Corp. retained earnings in the last quarter almost at the level of the same period in 2011 – $ 136.908 million compared to $ 137.056 million, but revenues also fell by 7.8% – to $ 4.451 billion third-largest AK Steel increased the net loss in the October-December 2012 by almost 19% – to $ 230.4 million, revenue declined by 6% – to $ 1.42 billion

In this case, Nucor reported a decrease in the average selling price by 4%, and AK Steel – almost 6%.

In 2012, U.S. steelmakers were able to increase the value of two of its products (July and October), because there were signs of improvement in the economy. But at the end of last year, steel prices again declined. For example, hot-rolled steel, which is used in the production of cars and appliances, fell by 16% – up to $ 620 per tonne from $ 742 / ton a year ago.

Now, American manufacturers of rolled want to raise the price it at $ 45-50 per ton. Last week, the US Steel, ArcelorMittal, AK Steel and Nucor sent a letter to customers, stating its intention to increase the price of basic categories of steel used in the automotive, construction and energy industry. It is not clear whether the buyers will agree with this increase.

American steelmakers forecast strengthening demand for steel in the I quarter of 2013, given the improvement in the housing market and growth in sales of consumer electronics in the United States. The situation in the automotive sector in the country, is expected to remain good.


In France, the popularity of bicycles overtook cars

These statistics suggest that at present bike has every other Frenchman, and in 2012 two-wheeled vehicles are used more often than cars.

This hardly can be called a revolution in transport, but more often in the streets of France to find people peresevshih of comfortable cars to bicycles. Every year the number of fans of eco-friendly vehicles is growing. From 2005 to 2012, in such a “movement” to take 34 of agglomeration, and this number continues to grow each day.

Moreover, experts note that more and more bike is no longer just a hobby or a means of transportation at your leisure. Recently, many French elect its means of transportation to and from work.

Naturally, such a rise in popularity of two-wheeled transport requires special attention from the administration, as they are also developing projects for organizing special lanes and parking spaces.

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Become a citizen of Luxembourg will be easier

At least 200 people and organizations took part in an online forum on the acquisition, the Minister of Justice of Luxembourg launched Francois Bilzhenom in order to reform the law to obtain Luxembourg nationality. January 31 Minister, summing up the views expressed, the project will propose a new law.

After analyzing the first results and comments concerning the procedure for a language examination, duration of residence in the state and the issues of marriage, we can already say that the citizens are not against the basic principles of the procedure, but they find it too weighed down by bureaucracy and ask to smooth the proposed conditions.

As for the examination on the language of the state, the statistics show that 70% pass it successfully, fail the 10% and 20% succeed in only one aspect of the exam (oral or written). Abandon this as a fundamental criterion for issuing passports Luxembourg Minister does not intend to. He says that a half-handed language exam is will prove integration of aliens, said Wort.

Relative term in the country, the minister sees no urgent need to reside in the country for five or seven years to obtain citizenship. Moreover, in his view, the required amount of years in the country, can be calculated as at the discontinuity, and in an uninterrupted stay.

The most controversial and discussed was the item on the issues of marriage. To date to establish the period of stay in the country after his marriage to a citizen of Luxembourg, allowing to issue citizenship. Previously, to obtain citizenship was easy enough to make a relationship with a resident of Luxembourg.

According to the minister, after the entry into force of the new law establishing stay married to a citizen of the country, each marriage with a foreigner will be tested on a counterfeit.

In general, François Biltgen hopes for rapid development of the bill. According to estimates of the Ministry, the new law can be passed by the summer of this year.

The main population of Luxembourg – Luxembourgers. The total number of residents in Luxembourg, about 285 000 people. Speak Luxembourgish Germanic language Indo-European family. Distributed as German and French. Script based on the Latin alphabet. The vast number of believers – Catholics, Protestants have.

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Three Tajiks tried to change 1 kg of heroin in Mercedes

The men were detained during the transaction.
In Sughd region of Tajikistan arrested three citizens intending to exchange shipment of drugs to “Mercedes”.
They seized about a kilogram of heroin. The police reported that citizens were detained in the transaction. As the owner of “Mercedes” was going to dispose of the proposed exchange of drug was not specified.
On the criminal case.
Over the last year in Tajikistan, which runs through the main channels of the transit of Afghan drugs were seized about six tons of drugs. In particular, the police seized about half a ton of heroin and 4.8 tons of drugs cannabis group.

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